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NEPHELIUM - Coils Of Entropy CD Review

ARTIST: Nephelium
TITLE: Coils of Entropy
YEAR: 2011
LABEL: Unsigned

Throughout my metal listening career I have been exposed to a ton of metal genres and bands from across the globe but there is one genre that I haven't really dived into. This may be a shocker but to be completely honest. It's pure, tried and true Death Metal. I'm slowly edging into the depths that are Death Metal and my one of my first full encounters with this in your face style is a band that originated in the city of Dubai and now resides in Toronto, Ontario. The band I speak of is Nephelium and they are coming out with their debut album "Coils of Entropy" in late august. Us here at X-plosive got our grubby metal hands on a copy and yours truly has been assigned this Arabian death trip.

The roots of this brutal style of metal grow deep and the 6 tracks on this album bring out death metal not up through the dirt, but risen from the sands. The influence of the dessert lands of the east comes through the trademark death metal blasts and double kicks. Every element of this band gives that feeling of rust and sand. Something about how the vocals sound dirty and deep and the guitars have that certain scratch about them. There is a real pure, raw feeling from Nephelium. You feel the emotion and feel the energy from every note and hit. Not being so well versed in this huge sub-genre I can say without a doubt that if you put me out in the middle of the Sahara desert with no water, I'd still find a way to mosh to Nephelium. There's no way you can't! 

What really draws me to this band more that I listen to the CD is how there's so many outside influences that they combine into their love for death metal. I hear progressive, groove, melodic, and black metal embedded into the punch of each track. The entire album shows this but songs like “Merciless Annihilation” and “Malediction” really demonstrates the different sub-genres that they weave into the mix. Especially “Malediction” with it's almost Hair Metal yell at the very end which totally threw me off guard. "YEAHHHH!!!!!". If he can go from such a low growl to that live, it should be a sight to see and hear. The solos really catch me as well but not in a jaw dropping way but just how it suits the track and is the right amount of time for a solo. The one in Malediction is one of the longest but it again gives that “I'm alone in the heat and dry air” feel. The fact that Nephelium has been around for 10 years and they've had and they still manage to capture the spirit of Dubai and true death metal. Even with the amount of moving and line-up changes that they have had.

The vocals are dirty, the guitars are full with a scratch, the bass fills the mix the way it should, and the drums are mind blowing at times. Every bit of Nephelium is tight and adds a certain twist to a genre that is hard to change without it becoming something else. On their MySpace they are listed as "Brutal Death Metal" and they live up to that sub-genre in every way, shape, and form. Each one of the 6 tracks gives something new, has different moments of "did they just do that?", which sparks my interest. The whole mix stopping for a china hit from the drums or the guitars doing a sweep out of nowhere. The title track, Coils of Entropy, hurls a lot at you in its 10 minutes and you really get an idea of what the whole band is about. The track that I could relate to the most from being outside the subgenre was “Halls of Judgement”. So if you're not sure about this style of metal I'd say give that song a listen. Doesn't overstay its welcome and it will still slay you in those 4 minutes.

Speaking of overstaying welcomes, I should shut up and tell you an overall thought on Nephelium album which is on its way very soon. It's brutal, it's in your face, it's new but old, it's a must have in any metal heads library. Being based out of Toronto now they are considered Canadian so yet another reason to support these guys. There's nothing else coming out of the Big Smoke that is this epic and every other death metal act I hear out of Canada I'm holding them up to Nephelium’s bar that they have set. Totally check out this band and go buy their CD when it comes out! There is a release party in Toronto! Go click attending on the facebook even and I shall see you there \m/.

Nephelium’s CD Release Party Information:


01. Burial Ground
02. Merciless Annihilation
03. Hellbourne
04. Malediction
05. Halls of Judgement
06. Coils of Entropy

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